The landing page photo is from the "hump" in the middle of the 7-mile bridge, east of Key West, Florida. Jon and Earline Blumhagen crossed this bridge on Day 6 of their THIRD Mission Possible Tour in 2014. Earline is deathly afraid of bridges, and thus the title of this tour was "Facing Your Fears." To the best of our understanding, Jon
​and Earline were the 
FIRST recumbents tricyclists to cross that 7-mile expanse.​


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This photo above was taken on the first MPT at the Tom Sawyer Campground, right on the banks of the Mississippi River south of West Memphis, Arkansas. The video below is from that campground. [What's that floating behind them?!]

Jon and Earline Blumhagen


In 2010, in their FIRST Mission Possible Tour, Jon and Earline became the FIRST recumbent tricyclists to complete the entire Mississippi River Trail, sign to sign. Earline also became the FIRST Black women to complete the trail on a cycle of ANY kind.​

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